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An OMazing Career Expo

This event aims to expose students to various career and educational opportunities. Our goal is for each student to expand their network of professionals in multiple industries. Additionally, we want students to secure an internship or academic enrichment opportunity with one of our professional team members.

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An OMazing Experience is waiting for you...

This Career Expo will feature professionals from the healthcare, engineering & technology, community development, and legal industries. We will also have several universities and vocational programs. During the expo, the students will have to opportunity to talk to professionals about their career journey and participate in various workshops.

As a sponsor of this event, you will be supporting the next generation of professionals and equipping our students with the foundational tools needed to maximize their career potential. The various sponsorships include many perks that will give your company exposure and visibility to our community, showing you are an OMazing partner.

As a student participant you will discover new opportunities and growth with the leading people from your community and learn how you can reach your career goals.This event will display over 100 professionals, educational institutions, and over 400 students between 16 - 18. Students will get the opportunity to learn about the various career opportunities available, meet professionals in various fields, apply for internship opportunities.


You are invited to become a partner in An OMazing Career Expo. 


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